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The beginnings of Regal Aviation Insurance date back to a National Aviation Underwriters (NAU) office located in Hillsboro, OR, beginning in 1978. At that time, NAU was the major general aviation insurance company in the country. NAU specialized in the general aviation community and provided insurance to personal aircraft owners, maintenance shops, airports, and commercial operators of all kinds.

In 1986, the agreement to represent NAU was terminated when the Avemco Insurance Company purchased NAU. A contract resulted from that termination which allowed Avemco to purchase approximately one-half of the agency's policies and the founders, Bill Clark and Dick Wissmiller, agreed not to compete for that business for the next two years.

So in 1986, after selling their NAU agency back to Avemco, Bill and Dick decided to open a new, independent, aviation specialty agency. In the restaurant inside the Hillsboro Airport terminal, then known as the Blue Max, Bill and Dick, along with their wives, decided on the new agency name - REGAL AVIATION INSURANCE. With little of the agency's business remaining and a decision to become a totally independent agency to represent all domestic aviation insurance companies, REGAL AVIATION INSURANCE started doing business. Eventually, the agency secured working agreements with all the aviation insurance companies in the nation.

In 1999, Bill Clark moved to northern Idaho and established a new and totally separate, agency using the Regal name that was developed from the original Hillsboro, Oregon location.

In January 2011, the Hillsboro office purchased Bill Clark's book of business. So all the Regal business is back under one roof, currently run by Jason and Rusty Wissmiller.